Upcoming Events

16 Aug


Upcoming Honeymoon Planning Events:

Sandals Night! Friday August  23 at 6:30pm

Crowne Plaza Bridal Show: Sunday September 8 at 1pm

Apple Vacation Night! Thursday September 19 at 6:30pm

Sandals Gala! Tuesday September 24 at 6:30pm

Columbus Bridal Expo: Sunday, October 27 at 11am


Active Travel

5064 Cemetery Rd, Hilliard 43026





One Response to “Upcoming Events”

  1. Paige Erdeljac August 18, 2015 at 2:14 am #

    Review for Active Travel Associates

    We utilized Active Travel’s services to help us plan our destination wedding to Jamaica in hopes of a stress free experience. My husband and I had been to Sandals Negril, which is where he proposed. We booked that trip directly through Sandals and didn’t have any issues. We knew that we wanted to go back to get married there since it holds such a special place in our hearts. We are a low maintenance kind of couple. We knew what we wanted and we booked 1.5 years in advance. We desired a destination wedding to keep stress and cost to a minimum. We assumed Jeannie from Active Travel would be a good resource and “go-to person” for questions for the guests who were planning to attend our wedding. Turns out we were terribly, terribly mistaken. Here’s why…

    Jeannie’s communications skills are very poor. Trying to get in touch with Jeannie is a nightmare. You may call during business hours bus she’s unavailable, so staff says she’ll call you back. Well, hope you didn’t want to do anything relaxing before bed because she’ll call you after 9pm (I suppose this could be a perk depending on your schedule). If you call, maybe she’ll call you back, maybe she’ll text or email. She is very inconsistent with which medium she uses to get back to you which can be frustrating. There were several instances when I would call but she would email my husband or I would email her and she would text me instead. Some days my husband would call her and she’d call me back. This was very inefficient and made it difficult to keep everyone up to speed. In one instance, a friend who decided to book closer to the time of the wedding was going to book directly through Sandals. I encouraged her to go through Jeannie so that all the bookings could be in one place. Instead of replying to my friend in a business day or two, she waited nearly a week. By the time she got in touch, the rooms were sold out. Had my friend booked directly, she would have gotten a room.

    Jeannie failed to ensure rooms were booked for our family members despite them booking nearly a year in advance and paying a deposit. Jeannie called me less than 2 months from our wedding date to inform me that the four rooms we thought were reserved for our immediate family weren’t actually reserved. Oh and by the way, the resort is completely sold out for those dates. Not only was she aware of this problem weeks before she called, she waited to tell us with less than 2 months to go before the wedding. Instead of calling us immediately to let us know so we could start talking about alternatives, she waited until the situation was too far escalated. Ultimately we arranged to move our wedding and all guests to Sandals Whitehouse instead of Negril. This broke my heart as I was planning to get married where my husband proposed. My hopes for a stress free wedding planning process quickly turned into the opposite. Once the decision was made to change resorts, we essentially had to micromanage Jeannie to ensure all details were accuratemoving forward. You would think after a fiasco like not booking the bride and groom’s parents, you would pay a little closer attention to details like room categories. Instead, we had to collect room category info from each guest and compare it to the new room categories. Of course there were discrepancies (room downgrades) and we had to tell her about them to get them corrected. At this point, it was more work having Jeannie involved in the process.

    Jeannie’s information about wedding inclusions was inconsistent with the Sandals wedding planner. I met with Jeannie prior to discussing details about our destination wedding with the Sandals pre-wedding planner. All I wanted was the most basic package and didn’t need or want anything special. Jeannie made this so much more complicated than it had to be. She wanted me to pick out every detail when all I really needed to do was say I wanted the Beautiful beginnings package. For example, Jeannie told me that chairs on the beach would cost extra. Sandals planner told me they weren’t. Jeannie stated that Active Travel would be paying the tab for any extra guests at the included 30 minute reception. However, once all the drama happened with the rooms and changing resorts, we qualified for an hour-long cocktail reception based on the number of rooms we booked for our group. Jeannie claimed it was something that she “got thrown in” but in actuality it was included based on the number of rooms booked for our group. Jeannie also claimed that she “was able to swing us” a rehearsal dinner for free. False. That was also included based on the number of rooms our group booked.

    In fairness, Jeannie was able to secure a couple “extras” as a way to make up for the chaos that she created. Jeannie obtained us a spa credit and a unique arch that we had expressed interest in only after we requested some type of compensation for the added stress. She communicated with the management the issues that we had. For this reason, we felt like we were treated extra special while at Sandals Whitehouse. From previous Sandals experience though, you are always treated like royalty and it didn’t matter that we had an inferior travel agent.

    Warning signs! We should have known to be extra diligent with keeping tabs on Jeannie when we changed our wedding date and she told us that we would have to pay an airline fee despite us paying for travel insurance. We bought the travel insurance per her suggestion on the off chance we needed to change dates. Though I’m sure Jeannine has a large number of clients, she consistently confused us with another couple and didn’t learn to associate our names with our specific destination wedding details until the room fiasco. We even referred over 18 people to book through her. She is far from organized and refused to accept blame for any of her mistakes. She had excuses for every mistake. She blamed the room booking failure on her wholesaler and blamed software outage on not booking my friend’s room when she first reached out to her. We had used Jeannine once before for a trip to Punta Cana, DR. We told her we were going with friends who had already booked. She ended up booking us at the wrong resort! She was luckily able to fix this, but we should have headed the signs.

    Overall we had an amazing destination wedding at Sandals Whitehouse and fabulous honeymoon at Sandals Ochi! Our friends had a great time and we were so happy to share one of our favorite locations (Jamaica) with them. Sandals consistently took great care of us and we have zero complaints about our experience once there. Luxury really is included when it comes to Sandals. It was difficult to leave and we are planning on going back. Next time though, we will book directly through Sandals; as we did our first time, without any issues.

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