Head south, and keep going

12 Aug
Visit the southernmost point in America by going to Key West. FL

Visit the southernmost point in America by going to Key West. FL

A unique travel spot is the Southernmost Point of America. Over a million people every year get their photo with this giant buoy.

The City of Key West erected the now famous monument in 1983 and it is one of the most visited and photographed attractions in Key West.

From here it’s a short walk to the Hemingway House, the Lighthouse MuseumFort Zachary Taylor Park and other Key West attractions.


Upcoming Events

9 Aug
Upcoming Events

Come see us at one of our many upcoming events!

Come to any of our event this summer and enter for your chance to win a 3 night all inclusive stay at the Moon Palace!

10 Reasons to See Us at Taste of Arlington

7 Aug

Thursday August 8, come see us at the Taste of Upper Arlington from 3:30 – 8:30pm.

  1. You could win a 3 night all-inclusive trip to Moon Palace!
  2. Chat with our expert staff
  3. Pick up some free brochures and travel information
  4. It’s free to go! No entrance fees (unlike the Dublin Irish Festival…)
  5. Come to see live bands, visit the bier garten, food contest and more!
  6. Meet Brutus the Buckeye. How cool would your Facebook profile be if your picture was you and Brutus?
  7. Bring the kids and let them have fun on the amusement rides.
  8. It’s the 20th Taste of Arlington. The big 2-0.
  9. 15,000 of your closest friends will be there.
  10. Northam Park is a beautiful park.

Controversial Wedding Trends

7 Aug
Too much?

Photographers are embracing making photoshop corrections to wedding shots but how much photoshop is too much?

Among the many wedding trends in style right now, which ones do you love and which ones would you leave at the altar?

After reading TheKnot’s blog post, “8 Controversial Wedding Trends” I was inspired to write my own list.

  • Excessive photoshop: While dinosaurs and fairytale creatures may be cool, do they really belong in your wedding album? Using photoshop to clear up a few blemishes is probably the best use for photoshop corrections.
  • Constant Instagramming: With social media slowly taking over the world, hashtags are everywhere- even weddings. More and more couples are asking guests to tag them in their wedding pics on social media. I think it’s disrespectful to constantly be on your smartphone at a wedding, but it’s hard to be mad if they are posting and sharing pictures of your wedding.


    Guests can become wedding photographers by snapping Instagram photos

  • Photobooths: These seem to be a must-have at weddings. Snap a picture, you get a copy and the couple keeps a copy. Fun alternative to the wedding photographer taking everyone’s pic. You can either pay an outside vendor or you can make your own with a cool backdrop and a camera on a tripod.
  • Photos before the ceremony: According to tradition, the groom is not supposed to see the bride before the ceremony. But it’s becoming more convient and practical for the bride and groom to do their photo shoot before the ceremony. I suppose this trend just depends how superstitious the couple is.
  • Bridal diapers: The idea is to make it easier for the bride to relieve herself, instead of struggling with excess fabric. Really!? Sorry, but there is no debate about this one. No. Just say no.
  • Themed weddings: If you love something, then shouldn’t your wedding reflect it? This isn’t a new trend, but it seems to be a lot more visible thanks to Pinterest and wedding websites. Common theme weddings have included Disney, Disney Princess, Star Wars, Star Trek, rainbow, Lord of the Rings, and more.
Disney Dreams?

Themed Disney wedding. Everyone literally is a princess.

  • Not invited emails: This new trend, is where couples email guests politely (or not so) and tell them they are not invited to the wedding. This could be because it’s a destination wedding and the couple wants to keep their costs to a minimum and they don’t have enough space. While it can be argued that this is rude and narcissistic, often times cuts need to be made.  However, I think that a face to face conversation would serve much better than a nasty e-mail.
  • Where’s Waldo: Couples who grew up finding Where’s Waldo can continue the hobby by hiding Waldo in their wedding photos. It makes for cute (and childish) wedding photos. Some couples go as far as having the wedding party wear blue pants and a red and white striped shirt. Waldo can spice up the most boring of wedding photos. Just make sure you can find him.
  • there he is

    Where’s Waldo?

    Neutral colors: For 2013, the wedding color of choice is–none.   More and more, couples are opting for less noticeable colors. Light colors such as beige, taupe, black, white, and blush are popular.

Leave us your comment with your thoughts on these wedding trends.

Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

6 Aug
on the beach

Destination Weddings: Can you picture yourself saying “I Do” somewhere exotic like in the Bahamas?

Have you thought about having a destination wedding?

With TV shows like TLC’s Wedding Island becoming popular, more and more brides are considering saying “I Do” somewhere outside of their backyard.

See if a destination wedding is right for you.


  • Dream wedding. Destination weddings give you the chance to have your ideal perfect dream wedding. Embrace this opportunity.
  • Unique gorgeous photographs. Make your friends and future friends jealous when you show them your wedding album and they see your pictures by the beach or wherever you choose to go.
  • Freebies! Think free spa treatments, hotel rooms, shows, meals, or receptions. Some resorts will throw in freebies if you book a wedding ceremony at their resort.
  • Packages. Some resort hotels (such as Wynn Las Vegas) offer wedding packages so you don’t have to worry about booking separate florists, video artists, caterers and photographers. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll have a cookie cutter wedding. You can customize these packages. For example, at the Occidental Grande Resorts you can customize your wedding package and have a Mayan themed wedding.
  • Options. With destination weddings gaining popularity, more venues are jumping on the band wagon which means more options for brides. You can say “I Do” at fun places like Disney World or on a Jamaican beach. So many choices I could list.
  • Hassle-free. Most destination weddings come with a wedding planner for you. For example, at Dreams Resorts and Spa, you can rely on the expertise of an on-site dedicated wedding coordinator to plan perfection.
  • Connivence: You can marry and honeymoon in the same location. If you don’t love travelling, then combine the trips and wed and vacation in the same place. Enjoy your luxurious and romantic honeymoon!


  • There is a possibility that not all of your friends and family will be able to make it. Travelling could be expensive or inconvenient for some of your wedding guests. Could you live with some of your friends and family not being at your wedding?
  • Price. Destination weddings are more expensive that weddings at a church or local venue. How much are you willing to spend? A destination wedding will cost considerable more than a normal vacation.

If a destination wedding seems right for you, give us a call and let us help you plan your dream day!

Featured Travelers!

5 Aug

Take a look at these lucky couples and their travel destinations. 

  • July 31: Gary and Krista, staying 11 nights in Germany and Salsburg
  • July 30: Andrew and Lynnea at Sandals Grande Rivera honeymoon. Check out Dunn River Falls.
  • Aug 4: Laurie and Drew celebrating their 2 year anniversary at Valentin Imperial Maya
  • Aug 4: Mason and Cory enjoying their 3 year anniversary at the Valentin Imperial Maya
  • Aug 5: 5 year anniversary Robert and Michelle Sandals Royal Bahemian
  • Aug 5: Kazy and Matthre are in Sandals St. Lucia La Toc (enjoy the mud bath)
  • Aug 5: Jonathan and Jill are in Sandals St. Lucia La Toc  
  • Aug 10: Maria and Andrew are doing a destination wedding in Puerto Rico El Conquistador
  • Aug 11: Kyle and Ashlee are at Sandals Whitehouse on their honeymoon
  • Aug 11: Philip and Lisa are at Sandals Whitehouse
  • Aug 12: Nicholas and Lucy Cancun are on their honeymoon at Secrets Monoma “They made a great choice because it is one of the top beaches by Conde Naste Traveller.”
  • Aug 19: Tara and Jason in Sandals La Toc
  • Aug 21: Colins and Sarah are honeymooning at Mexico ocean coral turquesa

Moon Palace Resort

5 Aug

Moon Palace

Are you feeling stressed? Mondays getting you down? Need a vacation?
Stop by our booth at the Taste of Upper Arlington on Thursday Aug 8 for your chance to win a 3 night all-inclusive stay at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico. How nice would that be?

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