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Remember the Love Boat?

12 Aug

Did you used to watch the TV show “The Love Boat” ? Well, The Love Boat, has been sold for scrap metal.

scrap metal

The Love Boat, has lost it’s love and was sold for scrap metal

One of the most famous cruise ships of the modern era, the former Pacific Princess, is heading to the scrapyard.

The 40-year-old vessel, recognizable to millions of Americans as the “Love Boat” of 1970s television, has been sold to a Turkish demolition company for just over 2.5 million Euro. That’s about $3.3 million at current exchange rates.

The 19, 903-ton, 600 -passenger ship, tiny by today’s standards, has been at a dock in Genoa, Italy for more than a year. The vessel last sailed for Spanish-based Quail Cruises after changing hands a couple times since sailing for Princess Cruises from 1975 until 2002.

But have no fear, there are plenty of other fun cruise ships that are still sailing. Why they may not have the same history or cultural significance as The Love Boat, they are just as fun. We recommend sailing with Norwegian Cruise Lines.

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